Why is that we, people, search for this feeling of love?

Is it that we are searching or is the feeling just struck like a match inside ones gut, lighting up at any time just to confuse matters for us, give us that uncertainty, that anxiety, that rollercoaster that takes us up and down which can throw you off at any time.

And the complexity of this emotion! This word! How it has so many mixed emotions attached to it for every single one of us!

To love your dog is completely different to loving that man you met one year ago in your local bar, to loving your mum, your job, your house, your siblings. And do men ‘Love’ women the way women feel? Or do they just ‘love’ the convenience of that person? Is there a difference between Love and companionship? Or is it just something we individually define in our own minds?

For such a complex emotion, at times the feeling of it can make the world seem so simple. When we are experiencing this strong feeling we can stop and wonder why there is such evil in the world, Why poverty exists, why wars are fought. And is it to fight and die because of Love?

This one feeling can make your life exactly as you dreamed it to be, but can send your world crumbling down.

When you close your eyes and listen to the sound of rain coming down on the tin roof, The call of the songbird at 6am to greet the new day, the breeze filtering down through the valley.

I love love.

K R Hewitt


01/03/14 13:45 PM
Интересная точка зрения, но как по мне есть с чем можно не согласится))

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