Dating with a Virtual Girlfriend. Advice for a guy

You have got acquainted in the Internet with a wonderful girl, communication with whom adds colors to your everyday life. Pretty, clever, well brought up, with a sense of humor, she does not remind you any of your previous ones, so it means that future is possible with her. Once you understand that it is not enough for you to communicate with her virtually and you offer to meet. In answer she offers you to do it in Skype. You agree willingly and you exchange with a few excited phrases face-to-face in front of your web cameras. After that you make a sigh of relief being glad that the beauty from the photos to whose voice you have already accustomed on the telephone turned out to be a nice natural girl. Especially her simple “yes” to your repeated proposal as for meeting in reality warms your soul. She liked you and that means you can act!

Whatever you will get from these relations even in respect of your previous communication, your first date should be pleasant, interesting and unforgettable. If your vis-à-vis is a decent girl, it will be more comfortable for her to meet at a public place, such as a restaurant, café, park, etc. First of all, such places presuppose informal frank communication. Secondly, you may combine pleasant and useful things that is to treat the lady and to pay court to her demonstrating your good manners. The third thing is that a walk in the fresh air after a snack will better your mood and make your behavior not so constrained.

Try not to invite a girl to the cinema at the first date. Even if she agrees to be polite following the actors` performance you lose your precious time to know each other in person. On the first date there is no other variant to show your interest to the girl as to involve her into an interesting talk you both could participate in.

If you want to check the seriousness and advisability of your new acquaintance ask her to visit your friends or relatives. Believe for word that a decent girl even will not get on your car at this stage of your communication. Maybe, you are “a reliable guy”, “a brother” and “an innocent beast” for your people but for her you are just a pleasant vis-à-vis, “from a dating site” who is to deserve her trust. Respect your partner and do not provoke her to senseless refuses or straightness for which you will be not ready yourself.

And the following advice will help you to make a good impression on your new acquaintance and have a good time together.

Be polite and attentive to your partner!

No matter how nervous you are when seeing her smart and beautiful, do not forget about elementary rules of etiquette: open the doors in front of her, help to take off her overdress, move a chair for her, let her order from the menu the first.

Take care of her but do not be intrusive!

If you can take care of a woman (a mother, a sister, a friend) during supper naturally, without reminding and “trembling hands”, take care of your companion attentively too. If your previous experience has already shown that gallantry is not inherent to you and in this case you will look ridiculous and funny you will have to choose whether to take a risk and to do what you can or do not disgrace yourself. And if you want to program a success in this difficult and disturbing business, just ask her “May I take care of you?”. Many men after an affirmative answer of their vis-à-vis to this question feel definite responsibility and do everything in the right way.

No matter how beautiful she is, look into her EYES and listen to the girl!

Many men having drawn out a girl to the first personal date, either because of excitement or of the pride of dear themselves, without taking a second thought play “an accordion” of their merits and achievements in a form of autobiographical or half “autobiographical” stories. If you feel makings of a bouncer, a liar or a tyrant in yourself, go before the date to some of your patient relatives or friends and sound off to him/her leaving for your vis-à-vis the best, interesting and brief. Remember that a planned first date is a limited time for an immediate impression about your acquaintance from the Internet but not your presentation at a talent show. Listen, ask, be encouraging and an active interlocutor. At this stage of your relations the girl is sure to answer you by her gratitude and will not leave you without attention. In addition it will be more pleasant for her to judge of you from your actions but not from exciting stories.

“The less we love a woman, the more she likes us” - a stupidity but not advice.

Believe that if during your correspondence and telephoning you were attentive and interested and during your personal meeting or after it you began to delay with good intentions, a decent girl who respects herself will answer you in the same way. At your age you are to understand that there is a difference in obtrusiveness and natural interest in a new acquaintance. If you have serious plans as for the girl do not put her in an awkward position and do not make her guess the reasons for changing your attitude to her. Think hard – would you trust such an admirer if you were her?

A man should be decisive and frank!

Show a girl that you like her. Demonstrate her that you do not perceive her only as a pleasant interlocutor and an interesting person if it is really so. If your new acquaintance notices that you doubt, it is more than likely that she will take it to her account and exit the situation by herself. Since that moment you will get only the part of “a friend”.

In addition to that, before the meeting remove such words as “not important” and “it’s clear” from your lexicon. They testify your distrust to your companion and hint at insincerity. Either do not speak about your delicate topics or get out by yourself.

The man has everything under control!

If during your date there are any postpones or force major events do not be annoyed and do not complain to your companion about it. Try to solve the situation quietly. For example, if you are going to leave a restaurant and you do not see your waiter, either wait for him calmly or come up to anyone from the staff and ask to call him.

Never try to buy the girl’s gratitude!

Even if you are a very wealthy person do not hurry with expensive presents and invitations to VIP institutions. A dignified girl will not agree to accept such a present as she will not want to be obliged to a further “pay back” for it. It is much better if you surprise her with a romantic trifle made with a part of your soul hoping for gratitude. In such cases original touching postcards and, traditionally, soft toys can be a good way out.

If your first date was a success write or telephone her earlier than you have promised to do it. The girl will value it, believe for word.

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