How to correspond with a girl on a dating site?

So, you have registered on the site, looked though a dozen of interesting profiles and picked up a girl that seemed to be the most attractive. There was something special about her that prompted you she was worth while striking up an acquaintance with. But if you have liked her profile so much, probably many men were contacting her in the hope of reciprocity or maybe not. Maybe like you they have doubts and get by just looking through the photos. Or maybe she even rarely replies to anyone…On this stage you would better stop thinking and start acting!

If thematic photos show that you have much in common, for example she also likes outdoor activity and nature, attends gym, likes dogs and so on, so why you think she would not like to communicate with a like-minded fit bloke? However even if you have little in common or no common interests at all, anyway it is worth while trying out. You can start communication from neutral topics and find common interests later!

Strategic preparation for online dating

The first thing that you should consider, when you are about to write to a girl that you have taken to, is how attractive and interesting is your own profile. Let it be brief but comprehensive and notable. Add more positive and interesting subject photos (office/school, vacations, hobby), put a good profile full face photo. You should understand, your profile is your business card that characterizes you, the first thing the girl will see. So the right combination of an attractive profile and an efficient first message will raise the chances that she would reply.

So we made it more or less clear how to make a good self-presentation, now we shall speak more detailed about the first message. Before contacting a girl you should ask yourself one question: who would I like this girl to be in my life? You should not be ironic about that as only a clear objective statement can prompt you the right way to build your communication.

Everyone who dates has his own goals

For example, if you would like to hook up a short affair with her and the girl, depending on the photo, is a dasher, try to charm her with a stream of compliments. If she replies (not with swearing!) gradually offer her to have a good time together in some prestigious place. As a rule it works (especially if you are wealthy and generous).

If you have chosen a lady for serious relationships you will have to be more original but depend on her profile anyway. It would be a good idea to make her some soft and sincere compliment with the reference to her thematic photos (for example, sports training) and her appearance, asking how long she has been doing that sport.

Recommendations for successful correspondence with a girl on a dating site

There are might be many approaches, the main thing is to provoke her interest and get her used to your attention. We suggest you a list of effective recommendations on how to carry on successful correspondence with the girl that you like.

Pay attention to the literacy of your statements!

You don’t need to be Pushkin or Bunin in order to write decent messages. It is enough to be literate, attentive and honest in your intentions. Believe me, if the girl got interested in your profile and photos, she will also be a bit condescending, accurate and patient in building your communication. Above all, you should write without mistakes, deliberately and sincerely.

Do not confuse her and do not pretend to be an experienced “ladies’ man”!

Let each of your messages be composed of simple and clear proposals without subtexts and allusions. Not overplay with courtesy. Write to her as if was one of your good friends. Let the girl notice an adequate, simple and friendly guy.

Do not boast and do not lie!

Even if you like the girl a lot and you want to show off as soon as possible, to tell her about your achievements in sports/business, your estate and social contacts and so on, curb your tongue. It is better to wait for a moment when she is able to appreciate everything by herself and not freak her out with your stories. Normal people, especially girls, usually get turned off from boasters, they do not arouse a desire to chum up.

No matter how bad you feel you should never be a crape-hanger!

Bad day, got sick, had a quarrel with someone, blah-blah-blah. In the most lousy mood self-respecting man will not whine. Even if she asked, "How are you?", it is better to write "normal" than to pour your heart out with complaints on how everything pisses you off and how bad it is to live in the world that we live in. Maybe she would sincerely sympathize with you, but also she may come to a conclusion that you are weak and boring chatterbox.

Don’t be meddling and to not force her to answer!

Sometimes you have to make a pause in communication. Maybe some circumstances in the real life of the girl impede her to communicate with you. If everything was ok before that, then wait patiently for her reply and do not assail her with your disturbed and reproaching messages. If she values your communication, you will get your reply and appreciation for being patient and understanding, in the form of sincere conversation.

Do not overdo with smileys!

Even if you are very cheerful, positive and have excellent sense of humor, do not “decorate” your every message with roses, smileys and kisses. Man’s words and right kind of attention to the interlocutrix will leave much more impression on her, than this kind of visual activity. Of course you can attach a couple of smileys to show your mood in a long message or in the greeting, but do not abuse with this kind of your emotions demonstration, because you are a man.

Try to go deep into her world perception and take her over into your world!

Be attentive and interested companion. Pay attention to her style of writing, the stream of thoughts. Ask her gently and softly, sympathize with her and don’t be annoying. Eventually she will sincerely care for your well-being and mood, and how your day was. Have in mind that it takes time and right efforts from you to pass the distance between curiosity and affection.

Do not spin out the correspondence

As soon as you started normal communication and showed mutual interest propose her to meet. If she agrees it will be great. Organize your first meeting taking into consideration her interests and hobbies and enjoy! Thus you already know what to talk about, you have some certain notions of each other’s character and manners. You only need to solidify your knowledge on practice.

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