How to find a guy on dating site?

It is inherent in the very nature that man chooses and acts and woman, no matter how trivial it may sound, waits to be chosen. But only a man capable to take girl's fancy will be able to choose her. This unwritten rule works in real life as well as on the Internet. In fact, a woman, feeling that she is made court to, starts to shine and turns into a lady. And a man whose courtship was accepted straightens back and feels like a gentleman. Everything would be fine if one day all generations could meet their soul mates and build relationships. However, unfortunately, the world is full of single lonely hearts of men and women. Everyone seeks happiness and full life, thus people look for each other paying no attention to who is to take the first step.

If you, dear, only think of contacting selected guy, here are some advice for you to help.

A girl that takes initiative to get acquainted with a guy, no matter how pretty she is, automatically brings down her value in his eyes. Don't forget that the majority of men are enjoying the herd instinct, and if you look for a guy online, it means that the "herd" is not running after you, something might be wrong, and he "has" to be arrogant and careful.

Even with the first innocent message you lift up his self-esteem. Get used to the fact that YOU need to communicate with him, and YOU are interested in him, and he will not throw himself at you as he usually does. It's sad, but everything that easy comes, especially without any effort from him, men never appreciate. He needs to feel like a winner and this case is different.

Be prepared that even if you start communicating, any time he can meet a girl, that he would want to win so be ready that he would get down to it.

Now you are forewarned and let's suppose "forearmed". Do you still feel like writing a message to a handsome guy from the Internet? If "yes!", Then you are risky and they say fortune favors the bold. Let's hope you case will be an exception. Let's do it right then.

How to capture guy's attention in correspondence?


If you are not used to then get used to: men love with their eyes. Be sure that in such a responsible and risky case as hooking up a guy of your own free will, you should look like a million dollars. Why? Because half of your natural charm will be lost after your initiative. Make yourself a stylish profile picture with the help of professional photographer and download a dozen of diverse photos that show all the colors and abundance of your life. This is not it. You need to add new photos from time to time in order to keep him interested in you.

The first message

This must be something that may give him a kick, that he might like. Don't get stressed, just look through his profile and his photos, write him something soft, intriguing and discreet. Something that would flatter his vanity and show your quick eye at the same time. Babe, if the guy liked your photos he would certainly reply to you.

Literacy and sincerity of your messages

As long as he does not hear your voice and does not know your way of interacting, it is very important to create the right impression in writing. Maybe he is not very literate himself but you, having started communication, must set a good tone expressing your respect to the addressee. Be honest, don't stoop to lying which he will find out sooner or later. Though men appreciate woman's appearance in the first place, but hardly will he think of serious relationships with illiterate liar.

Free communication with no strings attached

Be fresh air in his life. Don't rush to have it all at once. Enjoy every stage of getting to know each other. Do not dig in his life, don't focus his attention only on yourself, bring the communication to a happy mean that would be an escape from the routine of your and his life. When you get a chance, ask him about something that he is keen on. Firstly you will get a useful reply, secondly you will favor him.

Do not show off your intellect at his expense

Understand, the guy that you want to attract must feel dominating, but do not pretend to be a fool, don't argue yourself hoarse about policy or sports. Learn to say nothing and to compromise. If it is hard to curb temper, express your opinion on the topic, do not make your interlocutor admit it as the only opinion that matters.

Tact and sense of humor

While getting closer to each other you will have to ask questions, if you have prepared a long list of questions, that you want to ask about unknown aspects of his life, eat this paper! You should never show how much interested you are in a guy. Your questions should arise along the conversation, they should be tactful and not binding to answers. Do not hurry up to explore his sore subject if you have touched it by chance. If he feels like, he will tell you, do not dig into his soul.

Conquer with your womanhood!

While getting to know him, show your skills and virtues. For example, show him a picture of a dish that you cooked yesterday on your brother's birthday or ask his opinion about a dress that was made according to your sketch. Inspire him to be eager to become a part of your harmonious life, filled with hobbies and positive events. Make him want to diversify your life by becoming a part of it.

Learn how to take compliments and how to respond to them!

Traditionally our girls and women are not used to compliments and words of praising. If a guy complimented your haircut or sense of humor, thank him, but do not downplay the significance of his words. The other extreme is to overwhelm him with compliments on every slightest pretext, don't do that. It should be refine, to the extent and, most the important, unanticipated.


No matter how advanced and plain dealing girl you are, do not underestimate women's tricks. Believe it or not but they attract men as a magnet. For instance, measure out your presence in his life: disappear before you start to annoy him, leaving an intriguing message etc.

Past should be in the past!

From the moment of your acquaintance, all the previous romantic stories disappear. You let go all your memories about you ex-boyfriends and never asks about his ex-girlfriends. If you can't refrain from that, just don't write him about it. The easiest way to spoil relationships is by comparing and competing with the "shadows of the past".

That seems to be it. Good luck!



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