I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age. Michael Caine

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Looking for: Female 18-99

Interested in: Marriage

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Hobbies I am broadminded and love lots of things. sports - Ohio State Football, tennis, basketball . Music - classic rock: Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones are my favorate, but I enjoy many othe types of music and going to concerts or listening to live bands at a bar. I play a lot of tabletop games. I am a member of CABS - Columbus Area Boardgamers Society which meets three times a month. I enjoy rollercoasters, amusement parks, boating, camping, fishing, picnics in the park and sunsets. I enjoy making things from wood. I work out in the gym three times a week and enjoy the saunna. I like to go see a movie or go out to dinner (I am a good cook but do not like doing dishes, thank goodness for the dishwasher.) I enjoy reading fantasy novels and collect fantasy art. More About Me Here is what I am looking for in a woman and our relationship. I have thought about this for quite a long time. So here goes Just like everyone else here that I am serious about finding a partner to spend the rest of our life with in marriage; I want to find someone to love and someone who will love me. We will be best friends, companions and lovers sharing the good times and helping each other thru the bad. We should openly express our love for each other even in front of family and friends. Both being responsible. trustworthy and faithful to each other. Not needing to compromise our likes and dislikes when we are together. There should be a natural chemistry between us. We will be genuinely concerned about any problem or issue the other half has. We share our problems asking each other for advice. Respecting each other as a person we are proud to introduce each other to family and friends. There will be no need to find small faults with each other for we except the good and the bad. But if something bothers us we discuss it in private not in front of others for we take care to see that we do no hurt one another by words or actions. There will be no need to belittle or embarrass the other for our strongest desire is the happiness and well being of each other. There should be no need for ego clashes. Our smiles would reflect a higher level of happiness and satisfaction when we are together. We will miss each other when we are apart. We love the time we spend together, talking with each other. We will be lucky to have each other in our lives. My heart will shout SHE'S THE ONE!

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I am looking for a serious relationship - marriage. Someone who has a visa and can come to USA for our dream date. I want someone willing and able to relocate to Columbus, Ohio. USA You will need a passport and visa.

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