All marriages are happy. It's the living together afterward that causes all the trouble. Raymond Hull

Looking for: Female 18-45

Interested in: Serious relationship, Marriage

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About me

italian - argentinian men...( two NATIONALLITY), looking for youuuuuuu,!!! yes, you are my interest, the search for you...,because I want to find my love, have a sweet life , full of kisses, sensuallity, passion, friendship ( and the most important):, the honesty (mine and your) know, is the first in our relationship, all the same like you want to have... TO BE BEST FRIENDS: THE SECOND IMPORTANT !! last days,...I was sad, because a possible war in ukraine,...sad, because,..I want to go for you,..but, the crissis are...hope it finished, for you, for your people,...i want peace ! ...all of you , deserve to live in peace. the people from your country, are a beautiful people, and they deserve not that oppresses your heart, I hope,it soon comes to an end ( today, May 07, 2014) ..I am worried about you.. I want to feel the perfum of your skin, and look your eyes . I need to feel your passion ... your women body vibrate slowly... if you do not find me in chat or in the letters, is just because the web, here , where I live, do not work well for sending mail or chat ... but I think on you all day. when the peace return to Ukraine, I will go to Ukraine for you.. I just hope for that. wait for me. I will do.

About you

I can read all your chat messages,...all your letters,... happy, nice, kind, honest, good friend !! , !!!!...hummmmmmmm, very sensual,.. and why not ? ..very sexual too..!.very HOT ;, so, all people ( normal people)..want to have sex, , yes!!,, and me, I am wrong ????. Not. I am not. now, why not to be honest ??, you need sex, I need sex. we think on it,...almost, few times a day,.. because that , we...are looking for the couple,..we have needed. agree?. Well, you can know me now. I am totally open mind,...we can talk about all we need, about all ours needed,.. I need a girl that talk about sex, about needed, whitout problems,..all she desire to have and to do... that is the way I am looking my girl, my love..whit whom I can feel my body hot,..and your body too... then,..relaxed on bed we will be the best friend , smiling and talking,..yes, like old friends..!! we can have a walk, smiling and smiling, best friends... romantic ?? do you like my way ??,..I am waiting for you,...and, some day, some close day,...I will go to your see you. believe in it,.. I will search you,.. just, you wait for the day,...that around the will stop...because, I will be there.. have a nice day !!,...and...give to your mind,....a free day to think on all you did reading from me,....your body give you thank`s !!.. my body was...feeling your skin...hundred kilometers far away,...

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