We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. Tom Robbins

Looking for: Female 25-40

Interested in: Marriage

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About me

I’d love to meet you and talk to you but let me tell you something first. It’s my passion… I’m going to be doing something really wild with my charity and construction company. I will be buying up shanty townships and building luxury accommodation on it. Each house will come with a car, carport and veranda. Inside will be a large living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room cum study. Upstairs will be bedrooms capable of taking 12 people (some in bunk beds). Imagine having 12 people all living in one little room and suddenly being transported into something like this. Plus there will be a clubhouse, swimming pool, BBQ areas, recreation areas, food processing, etc, etc. Each compound will make me $500 million a year and I will be able to afford to pay each family $10,000 a month. They will be over the moon. So, here’s my proposal – get to know me and marry me. We will be Mrs and Mr Indiana Jones. I will have mines and huge construction projects going on around the world. I love your face and I believe this is a match made in heaven and that I am the man for you. Listen, I live in London in Mitchum. Maybe we could hook up? I would pay for all your expenses – including travel and I have a spare room for you to stay in. How about dinner? I could cook something for you or we could have something at a good up market restaurant (my treat of course). Then we could go listen to a band. I love jazz funk but it could be anything you like. Then a dance at a disco and back to my place for a coffee. I’m fun to be with and you would relax in my company quickly. How about it? You sound like a fascinating person and I would love to get in touch with you. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Peter Ravensdale (B.A. Dip. (Arch.)) and I grew up in Africa in Zambia. I also spent 12 years of my life working as a Project Manager / Architect building military airbases in Saudi Arabia. The Zambians call me “Ichilibwe Chakale” which is a great honour. It means, Lord of Lords and King of Kings and the Prince of Peace and the great old rock or the “Rock of Ages”. That’s who I am! I have written a best selling book. My publishing agent tells me I’ll get $4.5 million as an advance, $160 million during the coming year and $750 million the year after as the sales go world wide. I will be richer than I ever dreamed possible and I plan to help my family and all kinds of people around me. I have a charity and a construction / mining company and will pass most of my money into my charity in order to build luxury compound villas for shanty township dwellers. The lucky lady who joins me will get untold wealth, live a life of luxury and get to travel all around the world. I will give her a million pounds pocket money to spend on a trip and honeymoon! Will it be you??? I love children and want to have more of my own. If I find a lady with children then I will love them like my own.

About you

I am looking for a lovely lady aged 20 to 45 who has a great wit, a sense of humour and is compassionate and kind. I want someone who will laugh and dance and go wildly crazy with my and can also sit at home and have an intelligent funny conversation around a roaring fire and cheese and biscuits. I want someone who can be wildly passionate. I have been in a cold unresponsive relationship and need someone who “wants it” as much as I do!!! A voluptuous figure is preferred. I am faithful, warm and sensual. I love a night in as much as a night out. I would love to know you so well that we can finish each others sentences and I would stand by you, defend you and honour you. I’d like someone who is into music and dancing and keep fit and good food. Someone who won’t mind having a good drink with me and will work with me on my various projects to rebuild lives. I cannot access emails generated by the polish dating website and I can only be reached at peterravensdale@yahoo.co.uk and on +44 01895 237 180. Please phone me or email me only using these two types of contact. All other attempts to reach me will fail. I am very lonely right now having come out of a long passionate relationship and I miss having a partner. I will be waiting to hear from you.

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