A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him. Brendan Francis

Looking for: Female 18-30

Interested in: Job, Penpal, Friendship, Date, Serious relationship

Physical Impressions

Eyes Brown
Hair color Black
Skin tone White, fair
Height 174(cm)
Weight 72(kg)
I look Stunning
Body figure Big and beautiful
Ethnicity Caucasian - White
Nationality Canada

Way of Life

Exercise - fitness Once every few days
Drink? Special occasions
Smoke? No
Recreational drugs? No, never tried
Relationship Status Single
Children? No
How many children? None
Want children in future? Ask me, it depends
Academic degree Master's degree
Profession Other
Occupational status Other
Need a job? No, I'm ok
Income per year It's personal
Financial security Very secure
Home type Apartment
Living with No one (alone)
Own home? Yes
Own a car? Yes
Own a pet? Cat
Friends? I have a lot
Play music? String instruments
Valid passport? Yes

About me

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. " The day I truly and intimately experienced described in this quote, my life changed. My spiritual quest has stopped; time of exploration and discovery of a new world was beginning and infinite. That day, all particles of what I thought I had clashed to dissolve in a gigantic fireworks, light a wedding. I thought that I ceased to exist, what I'm really emerged, free of all faiths about his identity. I simply am. I am convinced that all beings of the earth are called to return to their original state, I am. I think everyone can liberate themselves from their beliefs about themselves and discover their true nature. All our lives we seek happiness. Happiness is not outside us or within us, is us. There is no indoor or outdoor, there are only to be. Believe that there is a separation of mental construction. You who read these lines, I'm sure you sometimes hear the call of the being who yearns for freedom, peace and happiness. Everyone tries to be happy. No wonder, joy and happiness are our original state, our true nature. Do you ever have it feel like to be one or all that exists? You arrive there to be in a space of pure potentiality where everything is possible and nothing is shown? Do you ever happen to feel the joy, happiness and love in such quantity that it overflows, it spreads over the other? You probably have occasional reminders of your state Source. Tell me, what do you call this be? You welcome him with attention or you ignore it, or do nothing? My message is simple: "You're not who you think you are. "You are so much more than that! If you believe what you are, I invite you to continue your investigation until you find the truth you are. The biggest lie is to convince us that we are our roles, our emotions or our thoughts. This is to identify with something. We identified our roles and we forget to find out what we really are, beings. Discover who we are is the most grandiose experiment that we can do. And I think we can do with two love each other. What do you think? You are silence, love and peace ? I play acoustic and electric guitar (6 and 12 string) since a long time, and always write detective stories. I am owner of a commercial website. I am very creative, sporty and lover of life. I'm not a complicated person who has always smiling. I seek a person who has not complicated the always smiling. I do not believe in marriage in a church, believe in true love is enough. In other words, I do not need the church to secure and confirm my love. I'm agnostic! My dream is to experience something beautiful and true, and if possible with a beautiful slavic girl! I am in love with the Russian and Ukrainian culture since childhood. You're sure to have with me the respect and admiration of your culture. I love shopping and cooking with my girlfriend. I have a beautiful life, missing only ... you! I can not wait to love you!

About you

Very nice, positive and intelligent who is not afraid to be herself, even against it. The humor is very important because for nothing is not worth the trouble to not laugh, especially yourself. I do not take myself seriously. I think a lot of the simplicity because life is sweet and simple. :D I do not like tattoos, piercings, smokers, botox in the lips, too much makeup, nails of hands too long. I am looking for someone who wants to move, to live with me in my city or on my beautiful catamaran and go around the world whit me. :roll: I have a Weakness for models, woman doctor or dentist, creative women or business women, otherwise nature will make me a nice surprise. I like bright woman! I trust life ! I love to read long letters, and it is long and more is better )))

Personal views

Priorities It's personal
Religion Christian - Catholic
Religious belief Universalism
Political views Democrat
Views on money Somewhat important
Zodiac Gemini
Views on zodiac 100% true
Volunteering As much as i can

Languages known

English Yes
Russian Yes

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